Lessons from Benchmarking
Lessons from Benchmarking

Three years of research brought valuable learnings shared by the authors in Lessons from Benchmarking: Fast-forwarding the Maturity of the Fundraising Operation.

This book explores ways to leverage benchmarking data for increased fundraising performance. Drawing upon the finding that development program maturity is the key to success, Hubbell and Reinders show readers how to fast-track maturity by:

œMonitoring lead indicators;
œBuilding a culture of philanthropy;
œHiring the right people;
œInvesting in actionable research;
œEmphasizing education;
œDoing less, not more.
This information is essential for chief development officers, CEOs, and boards committed to ongoing performance measurement. Others just beginning or contemplating benchmarking will use the book to create data monitoring strategies for increased efficiency and returns.
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