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Join one of AHP's councils or committees in order to build your leadership skills, share your expertise and guide program development. You'll work with AHP staff to contribute directly to your association's strategic direction.

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List of Committees, Councils and Boards:

Affiliate Member Task Force

Advise and assist in the development of effective strategies, initiatives or programs to cultivate, engage and motivate Chief Development Officers (CDOs) to join AHP. The task force should develop a minimum of three strategies or initiatives to engage Chief Development Officers in a pro-active and positive manner. In conducting this work, the task force should evaluate initiatives conducted by other organizations that appeal to CDOs, potential opportunities to leverage current AHP offerings, and ensure that healthcare sectors are considered (e.g. large health systems, hospice care and children’s hospitals).

Board Governance & Leadership Committee


Responsible for the ongoing recommendations to the Board of Directors and supports the strategic direction of AHP.  The work of the committee revolves around 5 major areas:  (1) Prepare board leadership; (2) Assess board effectiveness; (3) Encourage board development; (4) Pay attention to board composition; and (5) Help create board roles and responsibilities.

Board of Certification

Responsible for overseeing the Fellows process. This includes working with AHP associates and the professional certification consultants to ensure exams are up-to-date, acting as content experts for the exam, reviewing applications, administering exams and adopting such policies and procedures as necessary to safeguard the integrity of the exams and the rights of candidates.

Canada Council

Responsible for ensuring AHP members based in Canada are engaged and informed of AHP-related activities. This includes proactively communicating with new members, inviting members to AHP-related events, and hosting provincial gatherings led by Provincial Representatives. Regular meetings of the Board via the annual Convene Canada event as well as through conference calls ensure that provincial issues are discussed as appropriate.

Certification Task Force Committee

Responsible for thorough review of the current AHP Fellows program to reflect a more contemporary model, based on skills, experience and achievement; provide recommendations to the AHP Board of Directors regarding potential changes.

Content Advisory Council

Responsible for ensuring AHP provides content that is relevant, valued by participants, includes an international perspective, and meets the needs of those involved in the practice of health care philanthropy throughout their professional life cycle.

Convene Canada Committee

Responsible for helping identify and develop the educational content for the Convene Canada conference. 

Development Primer Committee

Responsible for maintaining and update the content of the Development Primer workshop.


Education Advisory Committee

Responsible for evaluating AHP’s current educational offerings and recommend possible changes based on the evaluation results. The committee will identify member’s educational needs based on the event evaluations and the AHP Education Needs Assessment (last administered in 2015), making recommendations to the board for new programs or existing program improvements. The committee will have an emphasis on identifying programs that can be brought to in-house trainings done by large foundation systems for the 2016-2018 AHP Strategic Plan cycle.     

Foundation Board of Trustees

Responsible for promotion of charitable and educational objectives, assist in providing continuing education, engage in research, investigations, analysis and studies as they relate to health care development.

International Conference Committee

Responsible for recommending educational format, identify current issues, review submitted papers and develop educational content for the Annual International Conference.

Journal Advisory Council

Responsible for feature articles in the journal. The Council discusses and selects topic areas that are most likely of current interest to AHP members, and seeks articles/authors in these areas.

Leading Forward Conference Committee

Responsible for helping to identify and develop the educational content for the Leading Forward Conference. With data gathered by AHP, the committee reviews members’ needs and presentation submissions, as well as provides speaker suggestions.

Madison Institute 

Responsible for ensuring the Institute’s continued success and develop the long range performance of its faculty members/content experts.

Membership Engagement Committee

Advise on and assist with membership recruitment and retention campaigns, serve as a channel for communication on membership benefits, welcome new members to AHP and assist in program development for onboarding activities of new members to further engagement. 

Past Chair Advisory Council

Serve as a sounding board for AHP initiatives, a resource for thought leadership and ambassadors for the association.

Quality and Risk Management Committee

Responsible for overseeing the organization’s risk portfolio, including finances. Work revolves around ensuring effective internal controls, assessing "tone at the top," the annual audit, measurement and effectiveness, investments and finance.

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