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NEWS: The Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care has issued a draft directive related to Hospital Naming practices. Here is more information to download and review. AHP is working with a group of hospital foundation leaders, staff of the Ontario Hospital Association, KCI Philanthropy and representatives from AFP to form a collaborative response to the Minister. In the meantime, you can support us by providing data that will help the Minister understand the important role that hospital foundations play in funding healthcare. 

Download the survey here. The deadline for responding to the survey is February 28, 2017.

Email your data directly to Celeste Bannon Waterman at CBannonWaterman@kciphilanthropy.com. Responses will be kept confidential. Thank you for your support!

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A message from Kathy Alexander, 
Chair of AHP's 2017 Convene Canada Conference

AHP Canada Council

Charge: Responsible for ensuring AHP members based in Canada are engaged and informed of AHP-related activities. This includes proactively communicating with new members, inviting members to AHP-related events, and hosting provincial gatherings led by Provincial Representatives. Regular meetings of the Board via the annual Convene Canada event as well as through conference calls ensure that provincial issues are discussed as appropriate.

Andrea Page, FAHP, Chair, Stratford General Hospital Foundation
Veronica Carroll, MBA, CFRE, Vice Chair, Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island
Kim Wilhelm, Grand River Hospital Foundation
Julie Thebeau, CFRE, Horizon Health Network
Suzanne Bone, FAHP, The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
Bruce Acton, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
Tracey Comeau, MA, CFRE, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation
Laurie Flood, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation
Kim Fraser, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Lisa Hoglund, Delta Hospital Foundation
Dianna MacDonald, Community Engagement & Fundraising
Rena Molinari, Victoria General Hospital Foundation
Cindy M. Park, Grand Prairie Regional Hospital Foundation
Tammy Morison, North Bay Regional Health Centre 

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