Committees and Councils


Affiliate Member Advisory Council

Charge: The AHP Affiliate Member Advisory Council is responsible for ensuring the needs of AHP’s Affiliate membership are met, and to provide feedback regarding the needs of health care fundraisers and how AHP can better meet those needs. The Council is also charged with advising and assisting in the development of effective strategies, initiatives or programs to improve the value proposition on behalf of the AHP Affiliate Membership. 

Ben Golding, Advancement Resources, Chair
Collette M. Murray, JD, CFRE, Paschal Murray Executive Search
James DeLauro, Ph.D., DeLauro & Associates Consulting
Mary Love (Bitsy) Henderson, FAHP, Henderson Mallory Partnejrs
William J. Mountcastle, Health Giving
Kathleen E. Pavelka, CFRE, The Phonathon
Andrew Pickering, Presentation Design Group
Steven A. Reed, Performance Advantage
Bethany Rozell, Thompson & Associates
Dave Smith, Heaton Smith Group, LLC
Dan Sorrenti, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.
Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, Accordant Philanthropy
Jeffrey Wilklow, Campbell & Company

AHP Staff Liaison:  Becky Nadora

Board Governance & Leadership Committee


Charge: Responsible for the ongoing recommendations to the Board of Directors and supports the strategic direction of AHP.  The work of the committee revolves around 5 major areas:  (1) Prepare board leadership; (2) Assess board effectiveness; (3) Encourage board development; (4) Pay attention to board composition; and (5) Help create board roles and responsibilities.
Pamela Puleo, FAHP (Chair 2017), Concord Hospital Trust
Kenneth R. Coffey II, Self Regional Healthcare Foundation
James McL. Dale, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center 
Kevin J. Miller, Shriners Hospital for Children – St. Louis
James F. Quinn, CFRE, Foundation for Morristown Medical Center
Charlene Rocke, Victoria General Hospital Foundation 
Susan B. Smith, M.A., CFRE, FAHP, St. Jude Memorial Foundation

AHP Staff Liaison: Mary Ann Donlin

Certification Committee

Charge: Responsible for overseeing the Fellows process. This includes working with AHP associates and the professional certification consultants to ensure exams are up-to-date, acting as content experts for the exam, reviewing applications, administering exams and adopting such policies and procedures as necessary to safeguard the integrity of the exams and the rights of candidates.

Janet DeWolfe, FAHP, CFRE, Chair, Intermountain Foundation
Sharon A. Jones, FAHP, CFRE, Chapters Health System
Suzanne Bone, FAHP, CFRE, Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
Rhonda Cunningham, FAHP, CFRE, Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation
Debra Gill, FAHP, CFRE, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti Inc

AHP Staff Liaison: Oralia Mejia

Canada Council

Charge: Responsible for ensuring AHP members based in Canada are engaged and informed of AHP-related activities. This includes proactively communicating with new members, inviting members to AHP-related events, and hosting provincial gatherings led by Provincial Representatives. Regular meetings of the Board via the annual Convene Canada event as well as through conference calls ensure that provincial issues are discussed as appropriate.

Veronica Carroll, MBA, CFRE, Chair
, Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island
Julie Thebeau, CFRE, Horizon Health Network
Bruce Acton, St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
Tracey Comeau, MA, CFRE, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation
Laurie Flood, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation
Kim Fraser, The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
Lisa Hoglund, Delta Hospital Foundation
Rena Molinari, Victoria General Hospital Foundation
Tammy Morison, North Bay Regional Health Centre 
Arleen Stevens, Health Sciences Foundation of the South Shore
Kim Henry, CFRE, Grand River Hospital Foundation
Andrea Page, FAHP, Past Chair, Stratford General Hospital Foundation

AHP Staff Liaison: Becky Nadora

Certification Task Force Committee

Charge: Thoroughly review the current AHP Fellows program to reflect a more contemporary model, based on skills, experience and achievement; provide recommendations to the AHP Board of Directors regarding potential changes.

Janet DeWolfe, FAHP, CFRE, Chair, Mission Hospital Foundation
Ernestine Morgan, Morton Plant Mease Foundation
Linda Caron, Collingwood General & Martine Hospital Foundation
James McL. Dale, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center
Shawna Fallon, Sharp HealthCare Foundation
Brittany Farmer, Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation
Randall Hallett, CFRE, Gobel Group
Sharon A. Jones, FAHP, CFRE, Chapters Health System   
Mark Larkin, CFRE, Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation
Jessica J. McLain, MHA, CFRE, Martin Memorial Foundation
Fred Najjar, Dignity Health 
Christopher J. O’Connor, CFRE, South Shore Hospital Charitable Foundation 
Pamela Puleo, FAHP, Concord Hospital Trust
Thomas J. Sloan, CFRE, FACHE, Life Flight Network

AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

Content Advisory Council

Charge: Ensure AHP provides content that is relevant, valued by participants, includes an international perspective, and meets the needs of those involved in the practice of health care philanthropy throughout their professional lifecycle.

Steve RumChair, Fund for Johns Hopkins Medicine
Flynn Andrizzi, Ph.D., AHP Board Liaison, Hoag Hospital Foundation
Mark Marshall, Bentz Whaley Flessner
Fred Najjar, Dignity Health Foundation
Grant Stirling, Ph.D., Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago Foundation
Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, Accordant Philanthropy
Pearl Veenema, FAHP, CFRE, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation

AHP Staff Liaisons: John Wilson and Bob McDonald

2018 Convene Canada Committee

Charge: Help identify and develop the educational content for the Convene Canada conference. 

Tammy Morison, Chair,
North Bay Regional Health Centre
Kathy Alexander, Past Chair, Bluewater Health Foundation
Paula Arscott, Lakeridge Health Foundation
Carleigh Bodrug, Orillia Soldier's Memorial Hospital
Jesse Dees, CFRE, Collingwood General & Marine Hospital Foundation 
Patricia M. Gaudreau, Timmins and District Hospital Foundation
Kim Henry, CFRE,
Grand River Hospital Foundation

AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

Development Primer Committee

Charge:Maintain and update the content of the Development Primer workshop.

Dotty Allen, Chair, Allen Resource Strategies
Ann Thompson-Haas, FAHP, Co-Chair, Larkwood Consulting, LLC

AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

Education Advisory Committee

Charge: Evaluate AHP’s current educational offerings and recommend possible changes based on the evaluation results. The committee will identify member’s educational needs based on the event evaluations and the AHP Education Needs Assessment (last administered in 2015), making recommendations to the board for new programs or existing program improvements. The committee will have an emphasis on identifying programs that can be brought to in-house trainings done by large foundation systems for the 2016-2018 AHP Strategic Plan cycle.     

Ian M. Fraser, MBA, FAHP, FCEP, Chair, PhilanthroPlan
Ann Boyd-Stewart, Lilly Family School of Philanthropy 
Thomas J. Sloan, CFRE, FACHE, Life Flight Network
Veronica Carroll, MBA, CFRE, Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island
Ann Thompson-Haas, FAHP, Larkwood Consulting

AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

Foundation Board of Trustees (2016–2017)

Charge: Promote charitable and educational objectives, assist in providing continuing education, engage in research, investigations, analysis and studies as they relate to health care development.

Randy A. Varju, FAHP, CFRE, Chair, Advocate Health Care 
Bridget Murphy, CFRE, Secretary/Treasurer, VNA Health Group
Shannon Duval, Mercy Foundation
Bonnie Jess Lopane, CFRE, Hospice & Community Care
Bill Navrides, Sharp Grossmont Hospital Foundation
Veronica Carroll, MBA, CFRE, Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

AHP Staff Liaison: Mary Ann Donlin (scholarships)

2018 International Conference Committee

Charge: Recommend educational format, identify current issues, review submitted papers and develop educational content for the Annual International Conference.

Arthur J. Ochoa, J.D., Chair, Cedars-Sinai Med Center
Bruce Bartoo, Vice-Chair, MedStar Health
Susan C. Dolbert, Ph.D., Providence Southern California Foundations
Shawn Fincher, Providence Health & Services
Bill Littlejohn, Sharp HealthCare Foundation
Denise Pope, CFRE, Tidewell Hospice

AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

Journal Advisory Council

Charge: Responsible for feature articles in the journal. The Council discusses and selects topic areas that are most likely of current interest to AHP members, and seeks articles/authors in these areas.

Anne Marie Halsey, Chair, Children's Hospital Foundation
Sophia S. Ahmad, Mercy Foundation
Jewanna Apawu, Johns Hopkins All Children's Foundation
Jill M. Bramblett, McLeod Health Foundation
Kristin Broadbent, CFRE, Lakewood Hospital Foundation
Jeff Buhr, CFRE, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation
Eric ChamberlainGuthrie Health
Terrence J. Egan, CFRE, FHN Foundation 
Kenneth M. Ferrara, Upper Chesapeake Health Foundation
Jolene Francis, Enloe Medical Center
Larysa Gradeck, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation
Jim Green, Mercy Health Foundation
Claude Hall, Jr., Sinai Health System
Bonnie Jess Lopane, CFRE, Hospice & Community Care
Christine Lockmon, Sun Health Foundation
Kathleen Murphy, APR, Intermountain Foundation, Central Office
Teresa Newmarch, CFRE, Pine Rest Foundation
Robert Nolan, MS, CFRE, Loyala University Health System 
Andrea Page, FAHP, CFRE, Stratford General Hospital Foundation

AHP Staff Liaison: John Wilson

2018 Leading Forward Conference Committee

Charge: Responsible for helping to identify and develop the educational content for the Leading Forward Conference. With data gathered by AHP, the committee reviews members’ needs and presentation submissions, as well as provides speaker suggestions.

Gail Rudolph, MS, CFRE, Chair,  Advancement Resources
Jim Dale, Vice Chair, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center Foundation
June Bradham, Blackbaud
Betsy Chapin Taylor, FAHP, Accordant Philanthropy
AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

2018 Madison Institute 

Charge: Ensure the Institute’s continued success and develop the long range performance of its faculty members/content experts.

Sharon A. Jones, FAHP, CFRE, Chair, Chapters Health System

Dean & Associate Deans
Suzanne Bone, FAHP, CFRE, Foundation of Guelph General Hospital
James DeLauro, Ph.D., DeLauro & Associates Consulting
Janet DeWolfe, FAHP, CFRE, Intermountain Foundation
Douglas A. Dillon, CFRE, Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners
John P. Drake, CFRE, Irving Healthcare Foundation
Shannon Duval, Catholic Health Initiatives National Foundation
Sarah Fawcett-Lee, CFRE, MedStar Health MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Ian M. Fraser, MBA, FAHP, FCEP, PhilanthroPlan
David B. Gillig, FAHP, CFRE, Marts & Lundy, Inc.
Ashley C. Nall, CFRE, All Children's Hospital Foundation

Donna Budak, FAHP, CFRE, Seton Williamson Foundation
Rhonda Cunningham, FAHP, CFRE, Northumberland Hills Hospital Foundation
Lorraine del Prado, CSPG, CFRE, Del Prado Philanthropy
Sarah Fawcett-Lee, CFRE, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Jill Kyle, MBA, CFRE, Abington Health Foundation
Timothy D. Logan, CFRE, ACFRE, FAHP, Pentera
Mark McCampbell, CFRE, Advancement Resources
Ingrid Perry, Mackenzie Health Foundation
Karen Piel, JD, CPA, CFRE, Marshfield Clinic
Charles Slamar Jr., JD, LL.M., Thompson & Associates
Robert Wahlers, MS, CFRE, Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations

AHP Staff Liaison: Mike Corelli

Membership Engagement Committee
Charge: Advise on and assist with membership recruitment and retention campaigns, serve as a channel for communication on membership benefits, welcome new members to AHP and assist in program development for onboarding activities of new members to further engagement. 

Candie Davidson-Goldbronn, Senior Director, CCS 
Patty Franson, Director of Principal Giving, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Foundation
Suzanne Hallsworth, Director, Development & Communications, Oakville Hospital Foundation 
Jeanne Jachim, Vice President, Virginia Mason; President, Virginia Mason Foundation 
Michele Jacobs, CFRE, Senior Major Gifts Officer, Martin Health Foundation – Chair
Lucinda “Cinda” Johnson, CFRE, Director, Strategic Giving, Abington Health Foundation 
Aida Matic, CFRE, VP, Philanthropy, Tidewell Hospice
Mary McPherson, CFRE, Georgetown Hospital Foundation 
Alisa Smallwood, Grady Health Foundation
Jill Kurszewski, Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation

AHP Staff Liaison: Becky Nadora

Past Chair Advisory Council
Charge: Serve as a sounding board for AHP initiatives, a resource for thought leadership and ambassadors for the association.

William S. Littlejohn, Chair, Sharp HealthCare Foundation (Board Chair 2013 & 2014)
Albert J. Alvarez, FAHP, Montage Health (Board Chair 1992)
Gene Attal, FAHP, Attal & Co (Board Chair 2001)
Mary Anne Chern, FAHP, ACFRE, White Memorial Medical Center Charitable Foundation (Board Chair 2011)
Susan J. Doliner, FAHP, CFRE, Main Medical Center – Development Department (Board Chair 2012) 
Peter W. Ghiorsi, MBA, FAHP, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc. (Board Chair 1988)
Charles W. Heim, Jr., FAHP, Heim Consulting (Board Chair 1989)
Lisa Hillman, FAHP, CFRE (Board Chair 2009)
J. Lloyd Horton, FAHP (Board Chair 1996)
Jon B. Olson, FAHP (Board Chair 1986)
Anne K. Randell, FAHP  (Board Chair 2004)
Paulette Roberts, FAHP (Board Chair 2005)
William D. Seelye, FAHP (Board Chair 1981) 
Milton J. Smith, FAHP, MJSmith LLC (Board Chair 2002)
Stuart R. Smith, FAHP, Not For Profit Resource, LLC (Board Chair 2003)
Pearl F. Veenema, FAHP, CFRE, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation (Board Chair 2006)

AHP Staff Liaison: Mary Ann Donlin

Quality and Risk Management Committee
Charge: Responsible for overseeing the organization’s risk portfolio, including finances. Work revolves around ensuring effective internal controls, assessing "tone at the top," the annual audit, measurement and effectiveness, investments and finance.

Bridget Murphy, CFRE, Chair (2016-2017), VNA Health Group
Kevin J. Callanan, CFRE, Valley Health System
Kristin Broadbent, CFRE, Lakewood Hospital Foundation
Robert J. Di Vito, CFRE, MedStar Health
Sarah Fawcett-Lee, CFRE, MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
Brad Konkler, CentraCare Health Foundation
Ingrid Perry, Mackenzie Health Foundation

AHP Staff Liaison: Norman Flores