AHP Foundation Donations for 2015

AHP is privileged to have you as a donor and we want to thank you for your generous support of the AHP Foundation. Your gift is already at work helping us to strengthen and grow our profession’s impact in every corner of the country. This listing reflects contributions received and processed as of January 31, 2016 to the 2015 AHP Foundation Annual Fund. If you do not see your name listed, or if you are listed incorrectly, please contact the AHP Foundation at foundation@ahp.org


Adventist Health System
Mary Anne Chern, FAHP, ACFRE
Steven W. Churchill, MNA
Julie E. Cox, FAHP, CFRE
James DeLauro, Ph.D.
John P. Drake, CFRE
Shannon Duval
David L. Flood 
Sharon A. Jones, FAHP, CFRE
Richard F. Kammerer, FAHP, CFRE
Bridget Murphy, CFRE
Pamela Puleo, FAHP
Womack H. Rucker, Jr., FACHE
Randy A. Varju, MBA, FAHP, CFRE

HDEF of Canada Donors


Linda Saunders, CFRE
Pearl F. Veenema, FAHP, CFRE
Jory Pritchard-Kerr, FAHP, CFRE


Bruce Acton, CFRE
Tammy Morison, CFRE

CIRCLE OF FRIENDS ($100 – $249)

Julia C. Abedian
Advancement Resources
Rachelle A. Bouts
Mary Elizabeth Canning, CFRE, FAHP
Columbus Regional Hospital Foundation, Inc.
Jeanene Donilon, CFR
Ben Golding
Health Philanthropy Services Group, LLC
Henderson Mallory Partners
Mary Love (Bitsy) Henderson, FAHP
William J. Hennessey
Hillary Lyons Associates
Mark Larkin, CFRE
Sidney C. Mallory, FAHP
William J. Mountcastle
Bill Navrides
Pamela M. Werner, CFRE

($250 – $499)

Tina Triano

Eric Dean, FAHP
Kim Fraser


Carroll Hospital Center Foundation
Terrance Egan
Jeri Erickson
Charles W. Heim, Jr. FAHP
Heim Consulting 
Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation
Ellen Finnerty Myers, CFRE
Southern California Association for Healthcare Development (SCAHD)


Andrea Page, FAHP, CFRE
Rena Molinari
Suzanne Bone, FAHP, CFRE
Julie Thebeau, CFRE
Paulette Sweeny-Goodwin, CFRE
Nancy Hewat, FAHP, CFRE
Veronica Carroll, MBA, CFRE